System Requirements

Feature Parameters
Programming language php
Framework Bootstrap v2.3.2 in the admin area 2.0
Database management system MySQL
Hosting requirements

Linux operating system

Processor: 2GHz Intel Xeon E5 Family (Sandy Bridge)

Disk: 10GB SSD

Memory: 1280 MB (up to 6GB during short high loads)

Minimum RAM requirements: 1.0 GB and 2 GHz.

Access to website via ISP manager


Web mail (only to receive mail, not for mailings)

Traffic volume (bandwidth) 200 GB

safe_mode and open_basedir should be disabled in PHP settings

php 5.4, modules curl,simplexml, 2 GB ± to save files, mysql 5

Source code A source code is available to a client after a trial version is downloaded.
Web installer Yes
Ability to download and install a demo version Yes
Support for themes of the storefront window decoration Yes
Ability to use the software product completely without third-party services (the list of required third-party/external services) No
OT technical support
API Technical documentation
OT Platform Manuals
Automatic updating Manually, using the admin panel
Analytics, statistics Yes