System Requirements

Feature Parameters
Programming language php
Framework Bootstrap v2.3.2 in the admin area 2.0
Database management system MySQL
Hosting requirements

Linux operating system

Processor: 2GHz Intel Xeon E5 Family (Sandy Bridge)

Disk: 10GB SSD

Memory: 1280 MB (up to 6GB during short high loads)

Access to website via ISP manager


Web mail (only to receive mail, not for mailings)

Traffic volume (bandwidth) 200 GB

safe_mode and open_basedir should be disabled in PHP settings

php 5.4, modules curl,simplexml, 2 GB ± to save files, mysql 5

Source code A source code is available to a client after a trial version is downloaded.
Web installer Yes
Ability to download and install a demo version Yes
Support for themes of the storefront window decoration Yes
Ability to use the software product completely without third-party services (the list of required third-party/external services) No
Guest account Yes
Favorites Yes
Recommended items Yes
Newsline Yes
Popular items Yes
Custom product reviews, comments  
Social media integration (the list of social networking websites if available) Yes, vKontakte, Facebook,Odnoklassniki
Multi-language support Yes
Multi-currency support Yes
Modules, plug-ins Yes
Help desk
Technical documentation, API
Automatic updating Manually, using the admin panel
Referral system, coupons Yes
Analytics, statistics Yes

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Feature Parameters
Automatic site map generation Yes
User-friendly URLs Yes (The Optimiser module)
Sitemap.xml Yes
Ability to turn on/off category indexing, flypage, website sections In robots.txt
Custom category descriptions Yes
Item description on the storefront Yes (for collections)
Watermarks for storefront images No
Alt and title for storefront images Automatic title


Feature Parameters
Access rights management Under development
Protection against injections, phishing, etc. Yes, by conventional means

Item Catalog

Feature Parameters
Item categories Yes
Item category images No
Catalog depth 3
Updating a catalog from Taobao Yes
Modifying a catalog, creating custom categories Yes, id categories Turning on/off, modifying the catalog structure
Automatic generation of meta-tags for categories Yes
Taobao e-stores categories No


Feature Parameters
Full-text search of items Yes
Prompt and automatic correction of errors when entering a full-text search query No
Sorting items in search Yes
Support for Russian morphology in full-text search Yes
Filters for items in search Yes
No limitations on the number of displayed items in search results Within the limits of API Taobao
Full-text search by the selected category Yes
Query in any website language Yes
Chinese query Yes
Search by Taobao link Yes
Search by item ID Yes
Adding to Favorites from the storefront Yes
Favorites as a catalog of categories on the storefront No
Discount price Yes
Seller’s rating on the storefront Yes
Filter of repeated items No
Recommended (seller’s top-rated) items Yes, using the admin panel
Filter by seller rating No


Feature Parameters
All item images Yes
Preliminary weight calculation on a flypage Yes (The Metrologist module)
Full translation of item description Yes
Comments on item on a flypage Yes
Adding items from a flypage to Favorites Yes
Adding items from a flypage to Recommended Items No
Price/discount diagram in quantity and cost of items No


Feature Parameters
Lot price discount customizable
Lot-size quantity discount No
Personal discount for user Yes
Custom permanent and one-time turnover discounts, birthday discounts, etc Custom permanent discounts are available


Feature Parameters
One-page checkout No
Customizable order acceptance algorithms (disabling payment, shipping cost calculation, order confirmation, etc.) No
Changing order content (deleting lots) when placing an order Yes
Changing the number of items in a lot Yes
Rejection of order Yes
Payment after delivery (in the office, at the pickup point) Yes (to a certain status)
Preliminary calculation of weight and shipping cost Yes
Specifying the order cost Yes
Specifying the shipping cost and weight Yes
Email notification of new order and order status updates to buyers and managers Yes
Additional order Yes
Refund in case of order cancellation and price reduction Yes
Quotas for the minimum order value Yes
Automatic assignment of order manager by default or with the use of a referral system Under development

Payment Systems

Feature Parameters
From the Box Bank receipt, choice from 16 payment systems
Custom payment systems Yes
Ability to accept payment offline Yes

Delivery Service from China

Feature Parameters
Automatic shipping cost calculation Yes

Personal Area

Feature Parameters
Reviewing all orders by statuses Yes
Order support dialog/chat Technical support
Dialog/chat about a lot Comments on item in the order system
Ability to cancel an order, to change the number of items in a lot, and to remove a lot Yes (depending on status)
Account statement Yes
Replenishment of account Yes
Internal transfer of funds to another account Yes
Contacting support Yes
Personal information management Yes
Delivery address management Yes


Feature Parameters
“Desktop” is integrated information on messages, orders, payments, etc. for manager Yes
Grouping of orders by status, filters, order list sorting Yes
Custom auto-calculated order statuses (for example, “delay in order processing by more than ten days”, “urgent” and any other) No
Inventory management Yes (for Hubs)
Support requests management Yes
Managers/buyers management Under development
Users management Yes
Payments/user accounts management Yes
Content management Yes
Analytics and statistics Third-party analytics connection in the admin area

Content Management

Feature Feature
Item categories management Yes
Brands management Yes
Recommended items management Yes
Tests and custom content management Yes
Banners management Yes
Connection of external services to content (vKontakte, Odnoklassniki, SiteHeart, etc.) Sharing links to items in social networks

Project Settings

Feature Parameters
Pricing management Yes
External delivery service management (Cargo) Delivery methods are set up in the admin area
Custom setup for payment systems Yes, applicable for some payment systems
Custom events and notifications management No
Setting up email notifications Notifications of order status change
Mailing lists of clients Yes
Setting up custom statistics and analytics reports No

System Settings

Feature Parameters
Cache management Yes
Access rights management IP access
Custom user/manager roles Under development
Taobao API keys management No
Bing translator keys management No, custom translator is available
Ability to use several Bing translator keys simultaneously No

Other Settings

Feature Parameters
Minimum order value in website’s base currency Yes
Order confirmation by the buyer after it has been calculated by the manager Yes
Should the additional order be placed? Yes
China’s region ID up to which the price of delivery within China is estimated Yes
Home page item types. At least one of the following types is required (comma separated, no spaces): popular, recommended, recentUser, recentAll Yes
The quantity of recommended items on the home page Yes
Should popular items be displayed (instead of recommended ones) on the home page? Setting collections of items in the admin area
Basic price coefficient (for example, 1.5 means the markup of 50 per cent) Yes
Unique markups for each of website’s categories Yes (The Banker module)
The quantity of items on the search page Yes
Should the virtual category menu be used (instead of the original Taobao catalog)? Yes
Should filters be used in search? Yes
Should seller’s items be displayed on a flypage? Always
Turning on/off flypage indexing In robots.txt
Image cache for items that are running out of stock on Taobao and are saved on the website is enabled. Yes
Currencies available to users on the website (lowcase letters separated by commas, no spaces, one-line) Yes
Website’s storefront theme Yes
Website’s storefront languages Yes
Website development mode Yes
Should discounts from Taobao be used? Yes
Standard package weight in shipment, gramme No