OT Commerce Platform Services

Box-based websites are maintained by OpenTrade Commerce Platform Services. They provide the following:

  • access to Taobao API (and other Marketplaces chosen by client when purchasing OpenTrade Commerce Platform), Taobao content real-time streaming to customers’ sites (and other Marketplaces chosen by client when purchasing OpenTrade Commerce Platform), Taobao API keys support (and other Marketplaces chosen by client when purchasing OpenTrade Commerce Platform), synchronization with any modifications applied to Taobao.com (and other Marketplaces chosen by client when purchasing OpenTrade Commerce Platform);
  • Automatic translation of Taobao (and other Marketplaces chosen by client when purchasing OpenTrade Commerce Platform) content into Russian and English, operability of translation tools (descriptions and characteristics of goods, data on sellers).
  • Storage and processing of databases on agents and orders.

Service payments

OpenTrade Commerce Platform services are supported by service payments. The latter are also charged to pay for the following:

    • New functionality development (add-ins, free updates);
    • Support of server operability;
    • Errors correction and failure recovery;
    • System functionality consultations and support.


Some of service payments are counted by calls to our Platform. “Call” means any request to OpenTrade Commerce Platform services, for example, category’s list display, products’ search, customer information request, product’s card review or adding an item to the shopping cart and so on.

From 1 to 4-5 requests can be sent from a page depending on your website customization. Number of calls (requests) doesn’t usually exceed 3 000 per day before you start website commercial activity.

Service payments will be charged after commercial activity on OT Box based website starts.


Service payment is calculated and paid in US dollars for the the last day of month. Payment is made in US dollars at the exchange rate set at the date of payment by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Service payments are paid on a monthly basis (postpayment) whatever the initial cost of OT Box is (with a discount or without it). The minimum payout of service payment for all commercial rates is 50 USD.

Service Payment Rates

OT Box Version Basic (V1) Standard (V1.2) Top (V1.1)
Service payment for set up (for site support) Sandbox
Commercial service payment rate (for site support) Turnover 4% or Call

We worked out a flexible fee charging system for the most comfortable start-up and development of your business. We offer three service payment rates to our clients now.

A free-of-charge service payment rate is provided after website installation. You will not be charged service payment during website setup. When you start website commercial activity (first orders of your clients are placed on the website) it will be switched to a commercial rate (Startup, Call, Turnover).

Invoicing for commercial rates, timing of payments, as well as limitations of the site operation in the case of non-payment are governed by OT Commerce services operating instructions published on en.otcommerce.com/documents-terms/work-services. Basic excerpts from the Rules:

  • Search by photo (if any) and search by link are blocked on the site in the absence of service payment after 7 days from invoice date. Customer and technical support are also limited.
  • Admin mode is blocked (unavailable) in case invoice isn’t paid within 14 calendar days after invoicing.
  • Key is banned by OT unilaterally in case invoice isn’t paid within 21 calendar days after invoicing.

Questions on payment debts or delays are dealt with OT managers in project Skype chat on an individual basis.

Sandbox Rate

  • Cost — free
  • Limitations on calls — 3 000 calls per day
  • Minimum payout — no
  • Duration  — 3 months
  • Descriptiononly for new customers, connected by default after purchasing a new site to configure it.

Agent’s key is automatically blocked before the day is out on achieving 3 000 calls per day limit.

Note! It’s important to move to paid service payment after start of website commercial activity or in 3 month after OT Box purchase.

«Sandbox» Rate is provided by default to OpenTrade Commerce client after installation of new website.

Call Rate

  • Cost — 1 USD per 2000 calls. Payment is based on the total amount of calls during a month.
  • Limitations on calls — no
  • Minimum payout — 50 USD
  • Duration — unlimited

Turnover Rate

  • Cost – 4% of website total money turnover without VAT. Turnover includes item price, delivery cost within China and delivery cost to customer excluding refunds.
  • Limitations on calls — no
  • Minimum payout — 50 USD
  • Duration — unlimited

It’s our basic and most profitable service payment rate for a client who enjoys stable website operation.


OT Commerce reserves the right to compulsory transfer to the Call 1/4000 Rate or to restrict the number of calls per day, if the activities of the site’s owner correspond to at least one of the following conditions:

  • The number of canceled and unpaid orders is 48% more than the total orders.
  • Previously payouts at the Turnover rate were less than estimated, on the basis of $ 1 per 4 000 calls rate estimation.
  • There’s no payment system from the OT Commerce, list connected or the payment system is out of use on the agent site.

Change-over to another rate

Change-over to another service payment rate is done by a client’s request made via OpenTrade Commerce Support Service.