Subscription fee for the use of OT Box Mobile Application

Mobile Application is maintained by monthly subscription fee. Support includes:

— consultations and help in Mobile Application settings;

— Mobile Application technical support;

— updates release with improvements and fugs fixes.

Note! Subscription fee is a part of service payments and subject to OT Commerce services operating instructions

Monthly subscription fee is 20 USD. It is part of service payments and, therefore, summed into one invoice.

There are the following limitations to Mobile Application in case of subscription fee non-payment:

  • All search methods are blocked except official Taobao search methods and client and technical support is limited in case invoice isn’t paid within 7 calendar days after invoicing.
  • Admin mode is blocked (unavailable) in Mobile Application in case invoice isn’t paid within 14 calendar days after invoicing.
  • Mobile Application key is banned by OT unilaterally in case invoice isn’t paid within 21 calendar days after invoicing.
  • Questions on payment debts or delays are dealt with OT managers in project Skype chat on an individual basis.