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Unique spring offer for OT Standard Version. Price from 160$ instead of 1990$

Special prices for Standard Version are available from March, 1 till March, 31.

Standard Version is our bestseller! This version has good options, which help to provide quality service to your buyers. News and reviews - all they need to know about your offers and choose nice goods to buy. Standard also shows approximate weight of goods and counts the price of delivery.

Choose suitable rate:

Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3
Website price * 210 USD 160 USD 540 USD 415 USD 1 300 USD 995 USD
Service payment ** 3% from turnover but not less than 160 USD 3% from turnover but not less than 85 USD 3% from turnover but not less than 30 USD

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* Discount is available within 7 days after providing a demo by OT managers.

** Box-based websites are maintained by OpenTrade Commerce Platform Services. Service payment is not charged for 3 months during website adjustment period.

A free-of-charge service payment rate is provided after website installation. You will not be charged service payment during website setup. When you start website commercial activity (first orders of your clients are placed on the website) it will be switched to a commercial rate (Startup, Call, Turnover).

When choosing Rate 1 and 2,  change in service payment is made only from turnover. Change to service payment based on calls is possible only one year after website purchase.

Note! Service payments policy is presented on OT Commerce services operating instructions page.