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OT Box Price and Tarification

Description / Сost

Website (OT Box) Versions and Features




Price of website (one-time payment) 1 provider at your choice

890 USD

1290 USD

1990 USD

Connection of additional trade provider (one-time payment for each provider). List of available trade providers

Additional provider — 500 USD for each (one-time)

Service Payment for website support (monthly)

Turnover (3%)



Turnover (3%)



Turnover (3%)



OT Box Version Upgrade (one-time payment) Basic → Standard 400 USD
Basic → Top 1 100 USD
Standard → Top 700 USD
Showcase — shows goods on the site with their charteristics, description, prices, photos, discounts, etc.

Ready preconfigured catalog of goods — professional translation of categories and bindings.

Catalog can be changed, categories can be added, deleted from admin panel.

Shopping Cart — opportunity to choose product for further ordering.

Convenient order management system — possibility to make orders (for users) and track them in admin panel (for admin).

Payment systems — possibility to connect for your online business to pay goods online automatically or by cash.

Payments can be accepted automatically if payment system is enabled.

Check payment systems which we connect for free.

Delivery — setting delivery methods for sending goods.

User’s Personal Account — section with information on customer’s orders and payments, personal information.

Calculator — allows to calculate delivery cost of goods depending on product price, country and weight.

Multilanguage module — allows to add and show several languages on website, so that users could choose among them.

Note! Translation is done by website owner according to instruction.

Converter — markup to the course of Russian Central Bank. You may define currency rates manually or synchronize it with Central Bank of Russia in Pricing section of your admin area. Once synchronized the rate shouldn’t have to be monitored and changed every day.

Metrologist — used to set approximate weight of goods category and necessary goods.

Approximate weight is set by website owner in admin panel of website.

Approximate weight will be shown in product’s page and taken into account in shipping cost calculation.

220 USD

SEO-Optimizer —  allows to:
— automatically generate section addresses;
— add “Title” for search engines;
— fill in the fields for keywords and description of catalog page.

Module is used to optimize the catalog and individual pages of a site for specific search queries.

Note! SEO services are not included in the module!

150 USD

News allows to add block of news to website. 

130 USD

Mixer — randomly mixes goods in “Recommended goods”, “Recently viewed goods” and “Popular goods” sections.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

45 USD

Geolocation Module determines your customer location and automatically selects currency of the storefront, country of delivery, and site language suitable for his region!

50 USD

Converter 2.0 — allows to use additional sources of courses synchronization besides Russian Central Bank. 

Exchange rates information can be obtained from the following sources now:

  1. CurrencyLayer service
  2. The People’s bank of China (for more information see Wikipedia)

This module allows to select a source of exchange rate synchronization and specify margin rate separately for each currency.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

30 USD

Shop Reviews allows registered users to write premoderated reviews about online website (i.e. website administrator reads and approves them).
60 USD

Customers reviews allows to write reviews about goods they bought on website.

Product reviews from all sites based on the OT platform are combined into one common database and displayed on all sites of OT Box owners.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.


150 USD

Email Newsletter will help to notify registered users about website news and promotions. 
150 USD

Blog  allows to create information pages on website — text content + photo and video materials. 
150 USD

Banker — a flexible pricing system that allows to set different markup on different groups of goods, fixed price for internal delivery, etc.
200 USD

Bank receipt — allows to pay for orders with a commercial bank receipt. It comes with pre-installed payment systems as add-on.

Note! Only for clients who use roubles as base currency.

80 USD

Discount Managementmodule allows set discounts to customers on a certain amount of already made orders.
150 USD

Referral Program — allows to make affiliate program on website (users will be able to share link to website with friends and get reward from their orders).
150 USD

Photobooth — allows to make photos of ordered products and add images to the order form.
80 USD

External Authorization (Social Networks Authorization) — lets your buyers authorize on website via favourite social networks without regestering on website. Users can login via Facebook or other social network.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work

95 USD

OT Commerce Hosting

13 USD per month

* Box-based websites are maintained by OpenTrade Commerce Platform Services. OpenTrade Commerce Platform services are supported by service payments.

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Additional modules (not included into any of OT Box version and paid additionally)

Module Price (one-time)
Search by photo 

Module allows users quickly find goods by photo or picture. It is enough to load the desired image into the search, and it will return the results.

Module is available for the following commodity aggregators:

  • Taobao/TMall
  • Alibaba
  • AliExpress
  • eBay

Note! For each commodity aggregator module is purchased separately.

Note!! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Module description

170 USD (for each provider)

Module speeds up website promotion. It tells search engine which pages of the site have been updated and which are not, thereby improving website positione in search results.

SEO services are not included in the module!

Module description

90 USD
Goods from Stock 

Adding or importing your product. This is the store’s own database of products, replenished from website admin panel. Separate categories are created in the catalog, products can be put in the basket and ordered.

You can add products manually through the admin panel or import from file.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Module description

Note! Banker Module is required for correct work.

250 USD

Autopurchase allows to book orders in website admin panel and then login on taobao account and buy them.

Module is available for the following commodity aggregators:


Note! For each commodity aggregator Autopurchase module is purchased separately.

Note!! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Module description

250 USD (for each provider)

Module allows  to create categories in the catalog and fill them with selected products with edited name and description. You can compile collections of specialized, thematic and seasonal offers.

The auto-selection feature allows to add goods from verified sellers’ to catalog.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Module description

220 USD
Export to external resources

Module allows to export products from your online store to external resources.
At the moment, goods can be exported to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Selector module is required. Collections of goods are created in Selector module, which will then be exported to some external resource (for example, to a social network).

Module description

65 USD

Module allows to include delivery cost into goods price, as well as make a fixed delivery cost to individual groups of goods.

Note! Updated version of OT Box is required for connection and correct work.

Note!! Banker Module is required for connection and correct work. Selector Module is recommended.

Module description

100 USD
OT Scanner (Mobile Application for Android)

Allows to scan with a smartphone barcode parcels from Chinese vendors and mark goods received in the warehouse. Speeds up orders processing process.

Attention! OT Scanner works for smartphones based on Android 5 and above.

Attention!! Autopurchase Module required for connection and correct work.

Module description

100 USD

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Mobile Application

  iOS Android Both platforms

Mobile Apllication WebView

Mobile Application is based on your site. It looks like your website when you open it in a mobile browser.

Read more about application

250 USD one-time 250 USD one-time 400 USD one-time

Service payment for Application maintenance

Read more

35 USD monthly 35 USD monthly 60 USD monthly

Note! Developer’s account is necessary to publish Application. Account is paid separately:

  • Google Play Store account — 25 USD.
  • App Store account — 99 USD.

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Connection to Goods Provider

Service Description / Price

Ability to Connect OT Box Version to Goods Provider




Additional trade aggregator / provider — connection of additional trade provider to default one (for example, you have Taobao/TMall and want to enable 1688).

List of available trade providers

Banker Module is required for internal delivery settings of Alibaba.

Additional provider — 500 USD for each (one-time)

Change of trade aggregator / provider on working site (with disabling of connected aggregator).

250 USD (one-time)

Transfer of trade aggregator / provider  from one site to another (if you have several websites).

30 USD (one-time)

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Choose design template

You can choose design template for your online store. Choose and test.

300 USD (one-time)
White Label

Remove OT link and logo from OT Box based website

Module description

500 USD monthly

Preparing website localization for a new language (installation of translations sent by a client on the website. Before submitting a request for this option one should download a form and fill it out with translations. The completed form is sent together with the request for the option)

Module description

100 USD for each language
Notary Public

Change of OT Box-based website ownership

Module description

150 USD (one-time)
Integration of payment system
Integration of international payment system. Free
Integration of national payment system. Free
Integration of new or additional payment system. Paid

Direct payments — receiving payments from individuals (as an agent) from other individuals (customers).

Direct Payments plugin works with the updated version no lower than 1.12.1.

Plugin description

100 USD (one-time)
Creating catalog

Creating a catalog (a selection of certain categories) for your specialization.

Example: children’s goods store, furniture store, auto accessories, etc.

Upon request
Paid improvements including transfer to third-party hosting 40 USD per hour
Setting secure https connection for website

Installing SSL certificate on OT hosting

Note! SSL certificate must be purchased from third party services / sites.

Read more

Activate/unfreeze website

You can freeze your website if you need to stop using it for some reason.

Read more

30 USD

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