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  • Monthly service fees. Сlient pays service payments on a monthly basis after Box purchase according to the rates available on OpenTrade Commerce website (
  • Explicit link to OpenTrade Commerce. It is obligatory to have a link to OpenTrade Commerce or OpenTrade Commerce logo in site footer of all pages of OpenTrade Commerce based sites as well as for sites using OT Key. You can use our White Label offer to remove OT logo and link from OT Box based website (obligatory cooperation condition at Documents Page). Service is provided at extra charge:
  • Box code modifications by client. OpenTrade Commerce is not responsible for OT Box functionality if OT Box code is modified by a client or any third party.
  • Refund policy. OpenTrade Commerce will issue a refund for the price paid for it (the OT Box/module) upon written request sent to OpenTrade Commerce within fourteen (14) calendar days after making the first payment for the OT Box/module. We will refund 80 per cent of the Box/module purchase price. 20 per cent of the OT Box/module purchase price is a non-refundable service charge.
  • OpenTrade Commerce cannot grant you a refund for the OT Box/module purchase price if 14 day period has expired.
  • Risks associated with Taobao agent’s activities. penTrade Commerce is not responsible for any changes in Box functionality caused by changes in taobao API, in terms of payment systems operation, terms and conditions of shipping service providers’ and shipping companies’ activities, along with changes in any third party services operation.
  • Warranties and Liability. When purchasing our products (OT Box, Hub, OT Key, additional modules and services, etc.) you acknowledge that OpenTrade Commerce cannot guarantee continuous operation of sites, services, applications, and tools and/or access to them. (Please see “Warranties and Liability” page for more information).
  • You also agree that operation of e-shops, services, applications, and tools and access to them may be interfered with by technical problems or numerous factors outside of OpenTrade Commerce control. (Please see “Risk Disclosure Statement” page for more information).

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