Application 2

License fee calculation Certificate (form)

For the calculation period from ____ to ____

To the Contract No__________of _______________,____, 20____.

____________, ____ 2012.


We, the undersigned, on behalf of “The LICENSOR” in the person of General Director of Opentrade Commerce LLC (Limited Liability company) Viktoria Vitalyevna Logacheva, acting upon Charter, and on behalf of “The LICENSEE” represented by the Director General _______________________, acting under the Articles of Articles of Association, have drawn up the present Calculation Certificate as follows:

The trade turnover of the LICENSEE’s sales using the licensed SP (the trade turnover shall mean the sales revenue, VAT free) is:_________________ rub., i.e. equivalent to ______________USD on the day of this Certificate execution.




Rate (% of revenue amount)

Amount (USD)


















In total:


000 000,00 USD


In compliance with the calculation the license fee shall be paid to the Licensor in the amount of _____________ USD.

This Calculation Certificate is drawn up in duplicate consisting of _____ pages, a copy for either of the Parties.



The LICENSOR                                                         The LICENSEE