Annex 1 to the License Contract (rev. of July, 23, 2012)




To the Contract No__________ of ___, “___”, 20___.


We, the undersigned, on behalf of “The LICENSOR” in the person of General Director of Opentrade Commerce LTD Viktoria Vitalyevna Logacheva, acting upon Charter, and on behalf of “The LICENSEE” represented by the Director General _______________________, acting under the Articles of Association, have drawn up the present Certificate as follows:

1. The LICENSOR grants The LICENSEE the non-exclusive right to use the software product (SP) for a period of 1 year.

2. The LICENSOR provides and The LICENSEE receives the instance key to the licensed SP.

3. The LICENSEE made the initial license fee in the amount of (50% of the valid Box product price) ___USD (VAT free).

4. The present Certificate is drawn up in duplicate consisting of 1 page, a copy for either of the Parties.