How to Build eCommerce Website from Scratch Like a PRO?

Do you want to sell goods manufactured in China on your website but worry about expenses and amount of time needed for its design? You are daunted by taobao api and other difficulties? Stop hesitating! Your Taobao site has been already built.

  • We set a ready to use e-shop on your domain. You promote it and bring more buyers

  • People place orders on your site

    We support your site, provide free updates and design apps for it

  • Your  logistic service buys and delivers orders 

  • Buyers get their orders

  • You get your margin (%)

OT Box is an online store cms connected with OT cloud services that fill the store with goods, prices and descriptions. To start your trade site, you just need to choose the OT Box version and buy it. We will install the site to your domain and provide it with technical support.


Basic functionality for full operation of modern online store. Affordable solution for quick start.

890 USD + service rate


Advanced functionality of online store at optimal price.

1290 USD + service rate


The fullest version of online store with maximum number of features.

1990 USD + service rate

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Feedback from our customers

We’ve already created more than 300 web stores all over the world. We’ve got customers in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Mongolia, Israel, the Republic of South Africa, and Indonesia. One can see some web stores of our clients in the Examples section. It’s high time to build a website for you!


We did try most of the things we will need and we are happy with your API. And above everything — your support is great. much appreciated. I do develop the system, that’s why I ask all those questions, while I’m testing and I’m happy to receive quick support help. (Rostislav S., Bulgaria, 05.14.21)

I really enjoy working with OT Commerce. The staff is very attentive, helping to resolve all issues. If there are any failures, they are quickly eliminated. The service is constantly evolving and updating. (Graciela V., USA, 04.20.2021)

API work is well organized. Documentation is very clear. If you have any questions, support will resolve them very quickly. We are satisfied with the service and we plan to use it further. (Sar C.S., Cambodia, 01.16.2021)

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