OT Commerce Projects Gallery

Welcome to OpenTrade Commerce Projects Gallery! Here you can see a collection of projects we are proud of.

Hundreds of websites built on the basis of OT Box were created all over the world. Skills and creativity of website owners along with professionalism of our team have made it possible to create all these masterpieces. This gallery needs new showpieces…

And perhaps your website will be among our top projects soon.


Website: http://china.toshop.co.za/

Meet our client from The Republic of South Africa. In fact, the website selling goods from China has become an integral part of the large-scale project made up of one of the biggest “home shopping” in Africa Glomail and no less large e-shop ToShop.

Projects supervisors have demonstrated creativity in doing business with China: TV advert of the new e-shop has been already aired in Africa though even without it China.toshop.co.za  has plenty of customers due to good reputation of preceding projects.


Website:  http://buy-in-asia.com

It’s our first client who installed an easy-to-use and comprehensible showcase.

A lot of useful and practical services are available on the website, for example, item value calculator. One can also find elaborated information and reference sections on the website: About Taobao, How to order goods on Taobao.com and, certainly, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


Website: http://fromsin.com

It’s one of the first OpenTrade Commerce platform projects in Israel. Jointly with the website owner much work has been done to adapt the Box for Hebrew – specifically, translations and template layout modifications. The results made us happy – the project aroused great interest of Israeli online shopping enthusiasts and Taobao agents in Israel.

Currently we continue to work actively in advancing e-commerce in the region. Several projects are on the way.


Website:  http://dalai.mn

This is the first and so far the only OpenTrade Commerce project implemented in Mongolia. Project’s pride is translation into Mongolian. To this end projects supervisors have created the dictionary manually. Hence Dalai is one of the few Taobao shops wherein item names and descriptions are translated into another language. More to this point, search is also in Mongolian.

The project is very popular in the region.

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